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environmental health

Our Cass County Environmental Health Program works to assess, correct, control and prevent harmful factors in the environment through education, regulation and inspection. We inspect restaurants, school cafeterias, special events, septic installations, and well installations.

The Environmental Health Program protects the health and environment of all residents by preventing disease through permit issuance, routine maintenance of environmental conditions and consultation services.

Cass County Food Establishment Inspections


Online Food Training Classes

Directions to purchase an online course.

Complete Online at: casscountyil.statefoodsafety.com

Instrucciones para comprar un curso en línea.

Complete en línea : casscountyil.statefoodsafety.com

Food Services

Temporary Event Application

Safe Food Handler Food Classes 

Cass County Food Ordinance

Cass County Environmental Health Fees

Required Signage For Restaurants

How to obtain a food license info packet & Application

How to Obtain a Food License Info Packet and Application

Sewage Program

Application to Install a Septic System 

Real Estate Survey Application

Illinois Private Sewage Disposal Code 

Private Sewage Contractor Online Renewal

Curtain Drain Information

Sewage Code w/ Highlighted Changes

Continuing Education Classes 

Maintaining Your Septic System: Homeowners Guide

Buying or Selling a Home with an Onsite Wastewater System

First Aid for your Flooded Septic

Do's and Don'ts of your Septic System

List of Illinois Soil Classifier 

Water Program

Application to Construct, Abandon, or Modify a Well 

Property Owner Request to Seal a Well

Nitrates in Drinking Water/ Why test your well?

Water Well Contractor Online Renewal 

How To Disinfect Your Well

Other Water Well Q&A

    Department Head:

    Franci Sweetin 

    (217) 452-3057 ext. 1316


    Mold Information

    West Nile Virus

    Bed Bug Information

    Food Safety Information

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