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family case management

The Family Case Management Program (FCM) helps families with a pregnant woman, infant or young child to obtain the health care services and other assistance they may need to have a healthy pregnancy and to promote the child's healthy development.

The goals of the CCHD Family Case Management Program are to:

  • Provide access to primary health care
  • Identify and resolve access barriers
  • Provide health education to all eligible clients
  • Reduce infant mortality

The program serves pregnant women and infants in families that are Cass County residents and below 200% of the federal poverty level. The Cass County Health Department Family Case Management program develops close working relationships with physicians, hospitals, pharmacist, and other specialty medical providers. The CCHD FCM team also collaborates (and develops signed working agreements) with community agencies to address barriers in accessing medical services, child care, transportation, housing, food, mental health needs and substance abuse services.

HealthWorks of Illinois

HealthWorks of Illinois (HWIL) is a joint effort between YouthCare of Illinois and the Department of Children and Family Services to assure that children in the custody of DCFS have access to primary and specialty medical care services. These services, referred to as “medical case management,” are provided to wards younger than age 6 and to pregnant or parenting wards. These health care services are coordinated by the Cass County Health Department and other community-based agencies.

Adverse Pregnancy Outcome Reporting System Adverse Pregnancy Outcome Reporting Systems

(APORS) was developed to reduce adverse pregnancy outcomes, infant mortality and developmental disabilities.

Hospitals providing newborn care report deliveries, which result in congenital anomalies, life-threatening illness, low birth weights, etc. to the Cass County Health Department. All infants identified as high risk (and meeting APORS criteria) are assessed by a CCHD Registered Nurse with specialized training in working with high-risk infants. The CCHD nurse case manager conducts home visits at scheduled intervals to assess medical, mental health, social, safety in the home and parent/child interactions outside the clinic environments.

The Cass County Health Department nurse case manager conducts appropriate developmental screenings, physical assessments, provides education and makes referrals to other community services as needed. Infant/children are followed to 24 months of age unless otherwise determined by the professional judgment of the nurse case manager who is familiar with the infant/child case.

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