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Census 2020

The United States Census is completed across the country every ten years.  The census is a confidential count of household information that is used to get a clearer picture about our population. This information is used to calculate the funding and service needs of our communities.  Examples of these services include public safety, school funding, community health services, and public aid benefits.

To ensure our community has access to as many programs and federal and state dollars as possible, we need everyone to complete the census.

In March, you will receive mailed instructions on how to complete your census.  Every household will have the option of responding online, by mail, or by phone.

It is important to know that after four cards are sent out with no reply, census workers with badges will begin knocking on doors in person to assist with census completion.

For anyone who would like in-person help completing the census, there are a number of opportunities available.  Bring one of the cards with the household identification number to office hours or events listed on the back of this letter.

The census takes 10 to 15 minutes to complete, but will affect our local funding for important programs for the next 10 years.  Our representation in the federal government is directly impacted by our response to this year’s census. Please do your part for your family and your community!

Do you have questions about the 2020 Census?

We can help! We can set up an appointment to help you fill out your census online or we can answer any questions you may have. Just remember to bring a census card with your household ID number to your appointment!

Send us an email at: censushelp@casscohealth.org 

Call Emma at: (217) 452-3057 ext. 1373

Or stop by one of our offices at:

331 S Main St. Virginia, IL 62691

8590 St. Luke's Dr. Beardstown, IL 62691

Check out this interview with our Public Health Coordinator Andrew English as he answers some common questions about the upcoming 2020 Census.

Watch this video to learn how to fill out your census online in English or in 15 other non-English languages.

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